Friday, October 3, 2008

Crystals Baby Shower

I made this for my twin sisters baby shower.....alot of work; about 80 hours went into this and a 2,000 trip (shipped it to AZ from FL). The Monogram, Bow (that broke in transit), the pearls, the butterflies, and the little baby figure are all gumpaste. Cake is Red Velvet with Strawberry and Creamcheese filling, frosting is buttercream (chocolate on bottom tier), larger pearls, strips, and dots are Satin Ice Fondant.
Most importantly my sister loved it and got to help me assemble and decorate - ton of fun.

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Peetie said...

I absolutely LOVED this cake and ate every single last bit of it by myself after over half was left after the shower itself - SOOO yummy! Made me one happy and grateful prego! And this got SOOOO many compliments at the shower - not just from the shower guests but from strangers dining at the tea house.