Thursday, October 2, 2008

And so it begins............

I've finally decided to make a dedicated to my cakes. I've procrastinated this long because I honeslty didn't think my cakes were good enough to deserve a site of their own, I still don't entirely but with more people asking me to do cakes for their special occasions I thought it was time.
This is just the begining stages so please bare with me over the next few weeks until I get this thing configured the way I'd like it.

Happy Caking!

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Sherry D said...

I don't think you give your talents enough credit. I enjoy watching Ace of Cakes and I must say, the cake you have on display is extremely beautiful. Granted you are just starting off with this blog thing, however, when displaying your craft, think about table setting, colors that compliment your cake in a display, etc.
From one cake admirer, I think you will go far just from the sample cake you have posted!!
Wish you the best!
Sherry D