Friday, May 15, 2009

Kaela's Graduation Guitar

Graduation present from a very proud mom to her daughter. Everything but the guitar strings and fret board is edible....even the piece of paper.

Crying Baby Cake #2

Recreation of the same baby cake I made for my friend Laura but this time it was for a baby shower that Jill is hosting. This one was alo bigger than the previous baby cake and I swear weighed twenty pounds...then again it may have seemed heavier because I hadn't had coffee yet when I decided to carry up three flights of stairs.


And these are the cupcakes that all of Chloe's guests received. Horses are not edible (bought at the party store) but they're still cute.

Chloe's Horse

Staying true to my tradition of hand sculpting fondant figures for Laura's daughter, I made her a horse of her very own for her horse themed birthday party.

Twilight Homage

A "thank you" gift to my friend Jessie - the biggest twerd of them all!